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RCOSjava is a tool designed to help people understand the inner workings of an operating system. It began in 1996 by four people at Central Queensland University. RCOSjava is an animated, multi-tasking operating system running on simulated hardware. It is based on the P-Machine, a simple hypothetical computer system. It includes a C/C++ compiler that generates P-Code to be executed by the P-Machine.

RCOSjava is designed to demonstrate general operating system principles through controlled animation, in the Java programming language. RCOSjava is implemented in Java using good code design. This allows students to modify, experiment with and compare different data structures and algorithms.

RCOSjava is based on RCOS, an earlier C++ based system.

If you have any contributions or wish to let us know how RCOSjava is being used please send an email.

See the status page for the latest information (last updated 6th August, 2003).